Every business needs a strong brand and a clear marketing plan. However 80% of small businesses today struggle to access the marketing support they need in order to grow.

Brandollo provides a new and better way for small businesses to plan, manage and coordinate their marketing, in one easy to use platform. Access a customised marketing plan for your business, share and coordinate tasks with your colleagues, enjoy intuitive workflow tools and upskill your team with on-demand marketing tutorials. Brandollo’s mission is to place the full power of marketing into the hands of your business.

How does Brandollo work?

Brandollo is easy to use and designed for everyone. Simply create your Brandollo account and follow the steps.

Brandollo will design a customised marketing plan to help your business grow. Each marketing action that Brandollo recommends will be accompanied by a helpful tutorial and will fit neatly into your customised marketing plan.

Brandollo uses Machine Learning to analyse your business and identify the areas where you need help with your brand and marketing. This technology becomes smarter over time, meaning that the longer you use Brandollo the better the platform gets to know your business.

What does Brandollo deliver?

Brandollo will deliver an array of powerful marketing support including:

  • A customised Marketing plan for your business
  • A digital marketing strategy
  • Team management tools (for up to 3 or 6 users)
  • Access to intuitive task workflow tools
  • Marketing activity tracking
  • On-demand marketing tutorials
  • Marketing Campaign Assistant (automated)
  • Your personalised marketing dashboard

Will Brandollo save me money?

Brandollo has been designed to deliver the most affordable customised marketing support to small businesses, ensuring that you will have complete control over your marketing budget and timeline at all times. When compared to the cost of traditional marketing solutions Brandollo delivers a saving of up to 80%.

Who is Brandollo for?

Brandollo is for anyone that needs help with their brand or their marketing. Whether you work alone or as part of a larger team Brandollo will automatically adapt to meet your unique needs. We cater for:

  • Small to Medium sized businesses
  • Startups / Scale-ups
  • Newly established businesses

Does Brandollo compete with Marketing agencies and consultants?

Nope, we love them! Not every business can afford the services that marketing agencies and consultants offer. Brandollo exists to help those businesses who need customised marketing advice, management tools and education support but can’t afford or choose not to hire external support.

Who is behind Brandollo?

Brandollo was founded by Brian McCarthy and Marco Muscat.

Brian spent over 16 years specialising in marketing and technology before founding Brandollo. He has worked with over 200 brands from across the globe and founded Brandollo because he saw that small businesses were frequently forced to go without the marketing support they so badly needed.

Marco is a full stack software engineer specialising in Artificial Intelligence and is passionate about creating innovative solutions for small businesses. Together Brian and Marco work with a core team of expert marketers and developers with the goal of making marketing accessible and affordable for all small businesses.

To find out more about our founding team click click here

How can Brandollo help my business grow?

If you’re looking for customised marketing advice for your business and want to bring structure to your marketing, then Brandollo has been designed for you. Begin your free 7 day trial here with no obligations!





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