Startup Marketing

Startup marketing is the engine that drives growth…


Brandollo is a new automated platform that will help you to successfully market your Startup, even on a shoe-string budget.


How does it work?

Brandollo is easy to use. The platform uses machine learning to quickly understand your business and then to provide you with clear advice on exactly what you should do. Brandollo will deliver:


  • A clear set of actions you need to take to brand your startup
  • A startup marketing plan to grow your business
  • A series of easy to understand micro-learning videos that will teach you how to carry out the recommended actions and marketing strategy for your Startup


In addition, all of your content can be accessed via a central marketing dashboard, designed to help you manage your marketing and branding from a single, easy to use location.

Brandollo is the marketing platform for startups and startup Founders, designed to deliver real marketing results at a price you can actually afford.


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