Brandollo is a new software that designs marketing advice for small businesses

The platform is easy to use and will design custom marketing activities for your business. Every marketing action that Brandollo recommends is accompanied by both marketing tutorials and helpful workflow tools.

Discover a better way to plan and manage your marketing with Brandollo!

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Get a custom marketing plan to organise your activities

Marketing planning just got a lot easier. Brandollo will create a personalised marketing plan for your business based on its unique characteristics and objectives. Each marketing action that Brandollo recommends is featured on a dynamic timeline and supported by tutorial content.

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Become your own marketing expert, save money and upskill your team

Every marketing action that Brandollo recommends for your business is accompanied by tutorial content and videos. Learn how to brand your business, create Facebook ads or launch a content marketing campaign. Brandollo provides you with the tools you need to to promote your business or upskill your team.

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Seamlessly manage marketing tasks with team workflow tools

Share tasks with team-mates, set deadlines, communicate and even manage external partners. Brandollo makes managing marketing easy for small businesses.

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Launch a Marketing Campaign to attract new customers and upsell to existing clients

Marketing Campaigns don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Brandollo will analyse your unique business and design a custom marketing campaign to help your business grow.

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